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Jonathan served the military as a Combat Controller for 11 years. He is currently pursuing his law degree and eventually wants to focus on real estate law. As a Realtor, Jonathan has helped countless friends and former colleagues secure their futures with smart real estate investments. From rental income, investment homes, or a personal family home. Jonathan always searches for the best solution for each personal circumstance, by taking great care, listening to his client's needs and putting his incredible work ethic forward for them.



Rizz is the Marketing Manager in the team. Born in the Philippines and raised in Guam, Rizz grew up surrounded by beautiful beaches. She joined the military in 2005 and served for over 12 years. As a veteran, Rizz is known for her keen ability to adapt to any situation. With the combined force of knowledge in hospitality industry, passion for interior design and craftsmanship, Rizz knew real estate is where she belongs.  


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